Strategy Development


Remanufacturing is an important instrument of after sales. Nevertheless, OEMs, suppliers and customers still very much focus on their new parts business. But why should you start setting up a reman strategy?

  • Increasing customer retention, exploiting customer segments which aren‘t fully addressed today​
  • Reducing spare parts prices and increasing spare parts availability
  • Offering reasonably priced repairs for older / depreciated products​
  • Meeting social and legal sustainability goals

We at KBC support you in the definition of your own reman strategy, by analysing both internal and external factors – from market to customer behavior, from processes to technologies.

Questions & Answers

What advantages does remanufacturing offer?

Remanufacturing can provide an answer to a wide variety of questions: How can we offer our customers who own older, already depreciated products repairs at sensible and attractive costs? How can we still meet our competitive challengers with our spare part prices? How can we improve our carbon footprint in the long term by reducing pollutant emissions? In addition, the market volume of remanufacturing is constantly increasing – in Europe alone, market researchers currently estimate the market volume to be approx. 70-100 billion €.

My company is already active in the remanufacturing business – how can we improve our impact?

The remanufacturing business has many facets and involves several different processes within a company – from supply chain management to product development, including sales and marketing. On the basis of sound industry knowledge, we support our customers analysing and reviewing current processes, spotting possible efficiency gains and identifying unlocked potential.

What are the greatest challenges in its implementation?

We see one of the greatest challenges in the implementation of remanufacturing as the sustainable strategic anchoring in the company. This is the starting point for the subsequent operational implementation and therefore serves as the basis for successful remanufacturing. Remanufacturing as such is not difficult – however it is not easy to implement in cooperations as usually it is also a challenge in internal politics.

Why KBC?

10+ years Reman: Extensive network of experts and suppliers in remanufacturing, proven track record with vehicle and component manufacturers.​

We look beyond: Using our knowledge to implement remanufacturing operations not only for economic benefit but to enable long-term sustainable business practices.​

We’re connected: As member of the advisory board of Rematec, the world’s leading platform for remanufacturing, and a member of APRA Europe, the association of automotive parts remanufacturers, our goal is to network industry representatives, stimulate cross-industry exchange, and provide guidance and support to members through our experience and expertise.​